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Are you open year round?

Yes. Our areas tourist designation invites us to be open year-round seven days a week with the exception of Christmas Day and Good Friday in order to service vacationers and travelers to our area

Does Village Green deliver?

Yes, Village Green deliver's regularly throughout eastern Ontario and the Toronto area.  In addition some of our suppliers will ship directly to you at our request. Please contact us with specific location and needs.

In addition, we will arrange shipping with secure couriers/post office and tracking throughout North America.  For larger furniture items, we use Reimer Express.

Our most interesting challenge was to deliver a seven piece dining room set to a customer in Las Vegas.  To their satisfaction it arrived and was set up on a Saturday evening on schedule by the owners of the company!  Now that is service.

Does Village Green do special pricing for sports teams, for fund raisers, for retailers, for designers...?

Yes. Our volume buying and close working with suppliers gives us an opportunity to gladly assist and support a variety of groups with specific buying needs/custom work and special pricing.  

How often do new items come in?

New product arrives daily. Our buyers are at trade shows or visiting suppliers almost every week of the year. It is our commitment to customers making the trip to Westport and to those visiting our on-line site to continually search out new and exciting product.

How do we learn more about vacationing in the Westport area?

The Westport area is a particularly enjoyable vacation location with many exciting options.  Please go to www.explorewestport.com or the chamber of commerce at www.westportrideaulakes.on.ca for more information.

Are Village Green's on-line prices different from in store prices?

No.  If you are ordering a specific catalog product that we do not carry in the store, we will apply a similar price reduction to be sure the best pricing possible that will earn your confidence and your satisfaction.  All other items both on-line and in the stores will have the same pricing.

Are there companies that you carry that are not listed on the website?

Yes.  There are too many smaller companies that we deal with each year that may not offer an on-line catalog to browse through.  We will however, feature some of their products on-line individually periodically.  At the same time, if there is a product that you have seen elsewhere that we might be able to arrange for you at a better price, let us know and we will do our best for you.

Does your company do gift certificates and  can you send one upon purchase to the receiver for me?

Yes, Village Green does have gift certificates.

Is your company part of a larger chain?

No Cottage Country, Village Green and VillageGreenWestport.com, are our full focus.  Cottage Country & Village Green, since 1985, continue to be a proudly fully owned and operated family business.